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Hello,Thanks for your reply, so I just need to get Price Comparisson Pro and integrate with my existing wordpress site?I am asking because I purchased the ReHub, then it turna out I need Egg Content, then Affiliate content and a parser for all websites that I plan to scrape data fromRegards,Emir

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – yes, scraping from other sites is not simple and in fact many websites deploy practices to try and prevent you from doing this.

It really depends what you are looking to do. Content egg can provide product comparisons, Price Comparison Pro can provide live price scrapes and live price comparison.

If you intend to scrape third party sites, then yes you will need Price Comparison Pro and you will probably need a scraper service like Rocket Scrape or Scraper API, both of these are integrated into Price Comparison Pro.

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