Price comparison – checking and no skimlinks?

Jack H. asked 8 years ago


I have added the plugin to my site, added in my Skimlinks code and have matched a product up from a different site. I have added the URL of the product from a different site into the first URL box and left the second one blank in a hope the plugin will use Skimlinks. Assume this is all correct?

It seems to just show 'checking' with no actual price and it doesnt seem to link me via Skimlinks..?

Im certainly not very computer savvy so likely it is something i have done.

Any advice? Thankyou

Jack H. replied 8 years ago


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Vasil Y. answered 8 years ago

Glad it’s working for you now, Jack. (Even if I didn’t manage to get to you on time 😀 ) . Don’t hesitate to contact us again should any issues arise.

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