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. asked 4 years ago


I did everything I can do but its not working. I have pro version purchased from you. Here is the URL.

I put the affiliate link and product link in woocomerce and also put short code to try if any of them work. No luck.. It is and I put #priceblock_ourprice as CSS selector in setting. Product page is

Please help. Thanks

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

You could use this CSS: span[data-id=”hotelOnly-price”] or span[data-id=”flightAndHotel-price”]. If you want to ask any extra questions, please ask a fresh question.

Simon A. replied 3 years ago


I have just purchased Price Comparison Pro and following the instructions to set up but no matter what element I use for the price selector I get no price.

Here the page I am trying:

I have tried to purchases tge scraping service in case that is what the issue is but I geta 404 error:

Please can you helpo me out.


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

If you open the developer console in Chrome then click the ‘Refresh Price’ button/link on whichever price is not working, you’ll see a lot of useful info coming from the attempted scrape.

It may be that your server has been banned from scraping Amazon due to scraping too many times. If that’s the case, you’ll find a link inside Price Comparison Pro to get set up with a ScraperAPI account which will fix this.

If this doesn’t help, please re-add the comparison box so I can check myself as it doesn’t appear to be there just now.

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