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Matt N. asked 4 years ago

Hi Dave,

Im really struggling getting going with Price Comparison Pro.

I cant get even simpliest websites like Amazon to show prices. Right now im getting no price and 'Out of stock' showing. Other websites im getting nothing. I've watched both of your videos about locating the ccs and used both plugins suggested with no joy. Can you please take a look and see where im going wrong?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

There’s a quick way to debug issues with Price Comparison Pro.

If you open the Javascript console (in Chrome hit F12 then choose the console tab) then you’ll see a JavaScript error relating to no decimal symbol being defined.

If you visit your settings for Price Comparison Pro and enter . or , for your decimal separator for these websites then it should work.

Matt N. answered 4 years ago

Hi Dave, ive already got the Decimal seperator configured. Attached a screenshot.

Could you let me know if this is correct?

Appreciate the fast responses!

Matt N. replied 3 years ago

Can I please get some help on this Dave?

Matt N. replied 4 years ago

Hi Dave, Following up here. Installed a fresh version of wordpress, still getting same issue. Showing me out of stock or nothing at all.

Screenshot of plugin settings:

Also checked php config for allow_url and thats setup correct:

Can you please help me solve this so I can actually start using this plugin.
Thanks. Matt.

Matt N. replied 4 years ago

Did this one work @dave? Would love to know where im going wrong here!

Matt N. replied 4 years ago

Sorry Dave, let me know if this works here:

Dave H. Staff replied 4 years ago

I don’t see the screenshot – can you update your original question with the screenshot instead of providing an answer to your question? Or add a comment on my answer.

Matt N. answered 3 years ago

Hi Dave, i’ts been 3 weeks can I please get some help on this?



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