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We are building a niche platform and we would like to create a price comparison store within it.

Being more specific, we will be offering access to services through memberships, PPC etc and that will take place within our website, but we also want to create a marketplace where niche stores and their products will be listed.

Then, for each product we want the customer to be able to see all the available sellers, their location, shipping cost etc.

Lastly, when the customer decides to visit the store of a particular seller, we want to collect a fee for each click.

We don't want to have anything to do with the actual sale of the product. This will take place at the sellers store.

So, we want to work on EPC model and we were wondering if your plugin would be helpful to us.

Keep in mind that the dance stores are small independent stores with no access to API.

Please forward us which one of your plugins you think would be suitable to our needs.

Thank you.

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