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Rebecca G. asked 3 years ago

I bought and installed Price Comparison Pro on my website last week. To test to see if it worked I just tested it on a normal Woocommerce page where it worked without an issue. When I then tried to put the widget code on a page built using Elementor it does not work. I do not know how to code but have used what I have found on your site to try and install it correctly.

The websites where i’d like the prices to be scraped from for each product is not always the same and therefore the code needs to accommodate this and may be where I have gone wrong. As I say I have no idea about coding so there may be a very simple solution.

Is there a solution for a code I can copy and paste or do you provide a service where someone is able to install it on my website? Any help would be very much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

I see you have two sources for most products, so we have urls to play with.

Quite a few errors here:

  1. no entry for in your config (I added one for you)
  2. You used http for images, but your site uses https so these http images are not displaying (i changed them to https)
  3. You entered a search result URL for the garmin image instead of an actual image URL (i’ve updated this, but you should use images which are the same size for each logo)
  4. You entered "amount" for the price selector – please see my video guides and examples and browser extensions that will help you with other selectors

When I finally got this all working, I found Amazon is returning a 503 HTTP STATUS (Service unavailable) to your server – that means most likely your server has been banned from scraping Amazon. (there is a workaround below) is also returning a 503 error to your server:

To double check that there’s not some other issue with your site, I added to this product – – you can see the HTTP STATUS of 200 below (200 is the status for NORMAL with HTTP):

So – I’ve fixed up everything for you except somehow you’re banned from scraping Amazon and Garmin. Maybe you tried some massive scrape job or maybe someone else on your server was trying to scrape them.

Whatever the reason, to fix it you should get a Scraper API license – they have 10000s of proxies where they will route your scraping traffic and grab the page for you.

Sign up for Scraper API here:

Then enter your Scraper API key here:

Once that’s done, you can re-enable price comparison pro by editing the Elementor product template page and adding this shortcode:


Note, because you are not using the normal WooCommerce approach, the ‘default display’ setting in price comparison pro will not change anything. If you wish to change the style of your price comparison table then use the displaystyle parameter for the shortcode above.

For example, if you want the panel style to appear, you would put this into Elementor:

[pricecomparisonpro_woocommerce displaystyle="panel"]

There are currently four possible options for displaystyle: floatleft, floatright, panel and fullwidth.

Then everything will work for you!

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