Kostas M. asked 3 years ago

We are surprising that you drastically changed the prices and we were ready to purchase the pack with 145€ for one year, in order to test it and customize with our site, but now seems to be far from our plans! Actually, we are interesting for Scalability Pro, Fast Woo widgets and Speedy Search ... could you bring for 1-2 days back the previous price or give another offer?

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

Hi, yes it will be nice to have this coupon in order to purchase the 3 plugins!

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

We changed the prices after a long and thorough review. We wanted to massively simplify the pricing structure and make it easier and cheaper for people to install the plugins on multiple sites.

Those plugins you’re requesting, they’re €185 if you buy them individually for 1 year and that gets you unlimited installs – as many websites as you like.

That’s a pretty good bargain!

Or you can pay a little more with our new WooCommerce plugin pack and get updates and support for life. That’s an even better bargain!

Since you’ve asked so nicely, if you create a private answer here I’ll create a coupon for you that will bring those 3 individual purchases down in price back to €145 for you.

Kostas M. replied 3 years ago

Could you please proceed with the above coupon?

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