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Hello Dave,

I'm actually using Price Scraper from gealtra like here: (you can delete link before publishing)

Since Wordpress 5 it doesnt work anymore. So i found your plugin (and datafeedr).

Im actually plan to import products via wpkraft plugin from amazon and want to use your plugin.

Should it work so? Import via Amazon products and manually add the different stores?

Did your plugin add the lowest price to woocommerce field of price? Because on gealtra the field is blank, which is not good for seo...

Can I set the time for checking actually price?

Is it possible to buy one year subscription and if it works completly to change to lifetime?

I know to use xscrape and knowing something about CSS.

Can i change the template/colors/buttons?

Hopefully you can answer my question, because Im very interested.

Thank you very much.



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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago
  1. You can import products however you like – if they are affiliated products (external_product), then Price Comparison Pro will know the URL to scrape.
  2. Price Comparison Pro will update the WooCommerce price if you set that option in the settings
  3. It’s not currently possible to set the time to check the price – you can set an ‘age’ for prices – e.g. don’t recheck prices for 24 hours
  4. You can upgrade to lifetime pack within 6 months by just paying the difference. After 6 months, you get 50% discount based on what you paid.
  5. You can change the template/colours using CSS etc – there are 4 different template layouts for the comparison grid if you are using that
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