Re your journey fixing WooCommerce slow speed with many variations

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Hi Dave - very interested in progress of the above - you said in a comment that you hoped to get this done in Feb. We are working on a Woocommerce site to replace our existing, due to go live at the end of March, but have some parent products that each have between 200 - 1000 variants (and unfortunately we do need the flexibility of setting them up as variants in their own right).

We find these pages load very slowly after any event that changes the content, presumably triggering a rebuild of the cache for the next user - for instance, even adding an item to the basket triggers this (I assume because it changes stock availability). Example:

Happy to buy and install Scalability Pro (also Faster Woo Widgets at least) now if that would help in any way to get started, but very interested in any progress update re the variations issue.

Thanks, Peter

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