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Good morning,

I have a few questions regarding your External Images plugin.

I use the theme RealHomes, and import properties from other agencies using the WP All Import Pro plugin.

Theme -

Plugin -

These images are imported to the server, slowing down the site, and using up server space.

Can you confirm whether or not this plugin will be compatible with RealHomes, and the RealHomes WP All import addon?

If so, then I will purchase today.

Please get back to me ASAP.

Many thanks,


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

I can’t confirm third-party themes work with it, you’d have to try it and see if they’ve coded the theme properly. Some theme developers access image URLs directly from the database (they’re not supposed to) – when this happens, external images probably won’t work.

But generally – External Images works with products, posts, custom post types. You will have a custom post type for a ‘Property’ probably. So – it depends what support has been declared on this custom post type by the theme/plugin authors.

Most CPTs have featured image support, so normally the featured image will always work. They may or may not have correctly declared image gallery support – if they declared it properly in code then galleries will work.

What I can tell you is that if you purchase and it doesn’t work I will try to fix it if you provide access to a dev version of your site with the theme installed and data configured. If I can’t fix it inside 7 days, you get a refund even if you decide to continue using the plugin and even if I fix it later.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

It’d be great if you could tell me if you tried this and if it was compatible with the Real Homes theme – if it’s not, if you can send me a copy of the theme I’ll make it compatible.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

See this other question for help with this:

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