Recently Viewed Products don't display correctly on search page with Super Speedy Search

John S. asked 2 years ago

When I do a search with Super Speedy Search enabled, the widget displaying "Recently Viewed Products" in the side bar and footer shows the same product repeated. As soon as I go to the main shop page they display as expected again. How do I fix this?

I am using the Astra Pro theme with Beaver Builder.

Here is a screenshot of what I see on the search results page:

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

This sounds like you have a widget area defined for search results where you also placed the recently viewed product widget.

Can you check if you have the widget in both your woocommerce sidebar and in the footer? That would explain the widget appearing twice.

John S. replied 2 years ago

The recently viewed widget is indeed displaying twice – as expected. The issue (as per the screenshot) is that I the same one product is repeated in the list of recently viewed product. ie. I see the same exact product listed 5 times in a row in the search page sidebar widget. As soon as I view a shop page with the same “Recently viewed” sidebar widget, I see 5 different products listed as expected.

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