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Kalin L. asked 3 years ago


We placed an order with number # 121992 from April 30, 2021 for Scalability Pro - Lifetime and Faster Woo Widgets - Unlimited use. Unfortunately, we couldn't set up Faster Woo Widgets correctly and we have a problem with it. Please could you refund money for Faster Woo Widgets.

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Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

Can I help you with Faster Woo Widgets? It’s an awesome plugin and we’ve been working hard on it – you know there is a beta version available with major new features for SEO, permalinks, canonical control, custom taxonomies, woo brand compatibility and more?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Ah – Stripe won’t let me refund. Could I offer you something else?

Please contact me on Discord so we can resolve this – I don’t have any card info etc and Stripe is refusing to refund.

I can offer either free copies of my other plugins or we can figure out some other way of me transferring you the refund.

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