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Karri L. asked 2 years ago


I'd like to request a refund (order no. #123777).

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – I can process your refund for you. Would you like to provide any info for what went wrong with Price Comparison Pro?

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

FYI – if you use WooCommerce it will automatically know the URLs for that one affiliate product, and then you can use an import tool like WP All Import to import the other URLs for that product.

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Refund processed

Karri L. replied 2 years ago

Hey, I found it a bit clunky to use and would have preferred more feedback on what went wrong instead of bruteforcing different options (xpath vs css, which api mode to use etc). Adding URL’s in the shortcodes was also too tiresome for me. The plugin seems promising but I feel it needs polishing.

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