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Michel J. asked 7 years ago

Hello WPI team,

I’ve got a of questions regarding the Price Comparison Plugin.

I can scrape prices from websites. But for me the price comparison plugin is will be very useful if it can distinct between retail prices and discount prices.

I’d played around with the selectors and scraping prices from but for instance If you have a look at the following product it has a regular price and a discount price If you look at the following link it only has a regular price.

So what I basically need to achieve for my website; how can I only show the regular price if the selector has only the regular price, and when a product has a discount price I only wanted to show the discount price in the comparison. Now my selector had both the regular price and discount price and they are showing both on the website.

Kind regards,


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John M. answered 7 years ago

Hi Michel,

Again just to point out as in my other replies to you, there is an upgrade to Price Comparison Pro, set for 17th March 2017, this will have some new features related to the ajax calls we make to fetch prices.

Kind regards


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