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Mark M. asked 3 years ago

I have noticed that if you have PCP setup with let say two stores grabbing both the sale price and regular price and 3 stores grabbing the regular price only, then viewing the product page, PCP will not show the the lowest priced item (sale price) on the top of the list in this instance, hope this is a clear explnasion.

This happens with stores that are setup to grab both the regular price and sale price only.


regular price 305 USD

Sale Price 199 USD

Store Two:

Regular Price: 299 USD

Store two will show on the top of the list and woocommerce will reflect that price instead of store one.

Sale price and regular prices are all reflecting ok in PCP, its just the arrangment and woocommerce thats showing wrong

Kindly have a look at it, i beleive this issue was happening previously but was fixed, not sure why it is happening again.

please see provided example:


Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

FYI – I’m trying to reproduce this in my own environment anyway, but if you can provide access it’d be v helpful

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

I’ve had a quick look at this – rounding up the pcpro bugs for a quick sprint today – I see 8.50 with 10 scored out (looks correct), I see 8.50 at the top of the comparison table (also correct). The part I see that’s wrong is in the add to cart button – I think this is coming from your theme probably.

I also see the wrong price in your price history section –

I can’t access your wp-admin however – could you please create a private answer here and provide me access to wp-admin? I would like to be able to edit the product to see what’s contained inside it. I’m guessing at this stage that somehow the sale price is not being updated into WooCommerce but Price Comparison Pro is updating the sale price on the page since it has the prices cached.

That would make sense with what you’d said earlier I think – that only the cheapest regular price is being set in Woo rather than the cheapest overall price.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

Thank you for the detailed bug report. I understand what you mean – I will take a look at this as soon as I can, probably Thursday this week. Added to the bug card here:

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

I found a bug, basically as you described – the JavaScript to sort the table was grabbing the price but getting confused if a sale price existed. This was causing products on sale to end up further down the comparison table.

Can you please update to 3.75 and confirm if this fixes it?

Bear in mind that the update won’t go back through any of your old prices to update them, but if you perform a scrape on that page again after the price cache has expired then you should find that the sale price ends up at the top and the product gets both the sale and regular price set properly (this was already working, just the sorting of prices on sale that was causing issues)

If this is still not working, please create a private answer here and provide me wp-admin and FTP access to figure this out further.

Mark M. replied 3 years ago


what you explained was exactly what I saw happening, About the button price, that is fine, It refreshes when the page is reloaded.

I can’t seem to give a live example, but it was acting up just as explained when I first posted and what you described.

Will download that version mentioned!

Thanks for looking into this…

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