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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Can you please confirm the Superspeedy FILTERS can do the below, easily.

  1. We need to filter via Tick Boxes – YES, you can filter with tick boxes, radio boxes, lists, dropdowns, labels, colour labels, images and all of these can be in a variety of containers.

  2. It must be able to work from ACF data – YES, you can filter with ACF data. ACF stores data in the postmeta table. Our Super Speedy Postmeta toggle, and Super Speedy Postmeta range filters will give you what you need here.

Note: Using ACF data/postmeta data for filtering is slower than using attributes/taxonomies.

  1. The results must be able to follow our layout/format – OK, the results use the standard format from your theme for the archive. Currently only WooCommerce post types supported, so the results will appear like your WooCommerce products.

  2. The results must land and follow our products Menu Order, so top products are shown first – we have an advanced option (configured in wp-config) to switch off the default sort order. If you ignore that, you can keep your default sort order as menu_order + post_title or whatever you have set.
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