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hello! I just bought Extwrnal Images and my WP is working better.Now I would like to ubderstand please if this othe eolugin will make this for example single peoduct load]] it possibe?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

The best thing you can do to speed up page generation of your product detail page, when you have as many variations as you do, is to install the Redis Object Cache.

On top of this, if any of those variations do not alter the image or the price, or if when they alter the price they alter it in a consistent way (e.g. +$10) then you should change those variations to product options instead.

WooCommerce creates products under the hood for each variation combo. So if you have 10 options, each with 3 choices, then that’s 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 * 3 = 59049 products. All of those products get loaded into RAM so this is why it’s becoming slow.

The more you can reduce the available variation options and choices (e.g by converting them to product options) the more you’ll improve the speed.

With the object cache, these variations are cached in the object cache so it loads more quickly. It’ll still not be super fast if you don’t also reduce the choices and options first.

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