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Suuz M. asked 3 years ago

"If Scalability Pro fails to speed up your site, and you have more than 5,000 products/orders/users, we will give you a free Performance Analysis Health Check to find out what the actual cause of your slowdown is. (* One condition: that you’re not on shared hosting)"

My webmaster suggested this - I bought. Here are his notes and suggestion I contact you according to your free analysis if site did not speed up:

(I cannot attach his notes here as suggested - how do I do that?)

From Joe: "After clearing cache and reloading pages on a few browsers, the site does not look to have improved at all. In fact, some GTMetrix scores got a little worse. And, the backends seems just as slow.

As per their recommendation, I installed the Query Monitor plugin but this is above my pay grade. I think you should take them up on the offer of a "free Performance Analysis Health Check".

Send them the attached stuff too."

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi – I replied to your other question, I’m more than happy to take a look and figure out what’s going wrong here.

We can chat further over here:

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