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Vincent Z. asked 7 years ago


I purchased Scalibility Pro yesterday and installed it. However, it threw up a few issues which were:

Speed not that much faster 

Search broken

Missing categories in shop

I then uninstalled the plugin and everything back to normal.

I would like to request that this sis et up for us usign your Performance optimisation service and to optimsie the speed of the site.



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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

The current version has a default dropdown box of ‘Keep WooCommerce Baggage’ -> this is set to ‘REMOVE’ by default.

Switch this to KEEP and your categories and search will be visible again.

To get the most from Scalability Pro, you should switch the layered nav category widgets to the specific Scalability Pro widgets.

Once you have done this, you can then change that dropdown to REMOVE and you’ll get the extra speed boost from removing the WooCommerce widgets code (some of which runs on every page regardless of whether the widget is enabled!)

I’m available on Hullo chat – Until the next version is released (this week!), I’m offering free configuration of your site if you wish.

Vincent Z. replied 7 years ago

Brilliant thanks I’ll take the free consultation 🙂 – also, looking forward to when you release External Images (HTTPS compliant).

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