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I am potentially interested in buying your plugin: Scalability Pro

I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have any trial/ free limited version?

  2. If I buy license for 1 website for 99 can I upgrade later on

    to unlimited use websites and only pay the difference?

  3. What if I won't be happy with the plugin. Can I simply deactivate and it will get back to what it was before?

  4. How often do you update this plugin?

    Can I see any changelog?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi – here are the answers:

1) We don’t have a free version yet but potentially in future – the very next upgrade (hopefully out today if no more bugs found) includes the ability to measure before and after performance and then optionally submit the results to us so we can identify slow plugins etc. We may make this basic functionality without the advanced scalability optimisations available in the future but there’s no free version yet.

2) Yes – if you with to upgrade, contact us and we’ll give you a coupon to use for your upgrade. We are also about to offer a bundle to get all of our plugins and you will also be able to use any previous purchase value as a coupon against these too (within 3 months of purchase)

3) The plugin adds indexes, so just deactivating won’t make everything EXACTLY as before – there are buttons to delete these indexes and then when you deactivate it would be just as before

4) Monthly updates pretty much – we do bespoke performance optimisation for clients who have urgent requirements and these performance optimisations regularly get integrated into Scalability Pro so everyone else can benefit.

I’ll get the changelog connected to the site soon – we use a private BitBucket repo for our code, but I’ll figure out a way of making the changelog public and link to the product on the site.

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