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. asked 6 years ago


I am interested in purchasing your plugins to speed up my import and site load.

I have purchased wp all import and David mentioned wp all import can be used to import 1.2 million products in 24 hours.

Currently only 10k products take more than a day.

Therefore can you suggest the the plugins that I need to import my 300K product every night.

Thanks a lot.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi – Scalability Pro does speed up imports by speeding up ‘existing product lookups’ but to speed up further, please visit this article – it’s highly likely that you are creating multiple versions of images – I’ve seen 25+ image sizes being created on some sites. If you reduce this to only the ones you really need, you’ll get a massive speed boost.

Additionally, if you only need featured images you can use my external images plugin to avoid importing images at all which obviously gives an even bigger speed boost.

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