scraping skyscanner within wordpress

. asked 3 years ago

hi there.i need to find a way to scrape some prices on skyscanner and other javascript rendered webpages. i read on of ur threads in quora saying that u have wp plugins doing thatcan u point me to the right direction?also my real need is that i d like to have a url that can parse any javascript websites so that i can import it in google sheetslet me know if u have any plugin or solution for this!thanks!

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

You should check out, scrapy, scrapinghub, scraperapi and other third party scraping services.

They almost all provide a headless browser option which will run JavaScript and most of them provide some transformation of the html into queriable data.

My Price Comparison Pro plugin helps you with using scraped data to compare prices and update WooCommerce.

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