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Ron L. asked 7 years ago


Yesterday I installed Scalability Pro on Initially, we thought that everything went fine, but soon after we realized that the site search stopped working since then. See the "wine finder" on the site sidebar - anything that you search for, you get all products returned, as if it's not processing the search parameters at all. We need this fixed ASAP, can you suggest how we can do so?

NOTE: I'd be happy to replace the "wine finder" sidebar search with the Scalability Pro search widgets. I wrote to you yesterday with some questions about that widget, and I need a response to that before I can use it in the sidebar. The biggest issue is that the site needs the search on all site pages, not only on archive pages (see that ticket for full details).

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Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

FYI – you can change the option in the settings – change the ‘Remove woobaggage’ to KEEP instead until you can remove your slow woocommerce widgets gradually

Ron L. replied 7 years ago

Hi, waiting to hear a response back…

Ron L. replied 7 years ago

Hi again,

Update to this question — Turns out that the “wine finder” completely broke after I installed the Scalability Pro plugin. As soon as the S.P. plugin was disabled, the wine finder started working again. Why would that be? I was under the impression that S.P. works once, when it is installed, and then it doesn’t do anything behind the scenes, I can really keep it disabled. Is that not so? What benefit does the S.P. give while enabled, and what am I loosing now by having it disabled?


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John M. answered 7 years ago

Hi Ron,

There is an upgrade on the way – to all plugins – in it all active support bugs and suggestions will be added.

WPI will be launching a new Rocket Stack simultaneous too.

Look out in the coming days for the release!

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