"Send Plain Text Emails" plugin doesn't work with WooCommerce and MailPoet as advertised

. asked 2 years ago

Hello, I just purchased and installed the "Send Plain Text Emails" email developed by Affiliate Web Designers (https://www.affiliatewebdesigners.com/shop/send-plain-text-emails-wordpress-plugin/?attribute_pa_license=single-site-license). Their support page states "Our AWD Support page is closed, but you can still find and talk to Dave Hilditch and his team over at www.superspeedyplugins.com," which is why I'm contacting you here.

The product page I shared advertises that the plugin should add a button to WooCommerce's orders page and MailPoet's subscribers page. I have up-to-date versions of each of these plugins. I've looked very closely, and no button is appearing. Is there a solution for this? If not, I would like to request a refund.


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

You should see a button that looks like this image:


To use the plugin, select the users you wish to send an email to and then click this button and it will pop open a window letting you send a plaintext email to those users.

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