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Neo n. asked 3 years ago

Hi Dave,could you please provide a guide on seo settings need to be done for FWW plugin in order for filtered results to be shown in google search?Also what settings need to be done in terms of canonical rules, have no idea..Thank you in advance!!

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – is a useful resource for learning SEO. A canonical URL is the real URL you want users to be visiting from google.

e.g. if you have /dog-toys/black/?max-price=100 the canonical URL would definitely have the ?max-price removed, and then it’s up to you if the canonical should also have the colour attribute removed. It depends per store.

Your first priority should be to get google indexing your archive but make sure to not use up all your googlebot budget – depending on quantity of traffic google thinks visits your site dictates how much budget they will allocate to crawl you.

So – I’d recommend something like in these screenshots:

There’s also this KB article:

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