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Marek M. asked 3 years ago

Hello, I would like to ask you for help setting up the plugin.

I installed and generated everything. However, it does not seem to me that anything will happen and I do not see any acceleration. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

My website runs on multisite and it is not a classic e-shop but a catalog of over 300,000 products.

Can I ask you for help?

Thank you very much.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

This is a common confusion with Scalability Pro – it does not speed up everything – it speeds up the MAIN WP_Query.

You can view a quick start guide explaining this here:

So – if you look with Query Monitor, you’ll probably find your main query is actually very fast now, probably 0.1 seconds or faster, but something else is actually slowing down your site.

Since you said you have 300,000 products, probably what’s slowing down your site is your filters.

Please follow the quick start guide above, using Query Monitor, you’ll most likely discover that your filters is what is slowing everything down.

My plugin Faster Woo Widgets fixes this and will make your site fast again – you’ll need to have an object cache installed to get the most from it, and you’ll have to swap out your existing shop filters and replace them with the FWW filters.

Marek M. answered 3 years ago


I installed the plugin but I don’t see it in widgets.

The license is activated but I don’t see the plugin anywhere. Would you please take a look at it?

Thank you very much.

Marek M. answered 3 years ago

Good day,

when can i expect an answer? I paid for the plugin and it doesn’t work!

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