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Roland P. asked 7 years ago

Good evening, sorry for my bad english.

I've recently started a website. Since yesterday I have a fast hosting this. I now use Datafeedr. But this has been terribly slow. For a product set of 5000 products, the program is more than 6 hours busy. Now I have taken the free plugin from your site. This has no effect.

Does it help if I External WordPress Images purchase? And how does this work? Thus guarantees fast upload?

thanks for your response

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John M. answered 7 years ago

Hi Roland,

If you upgrade Datafeedr after installing our plugin it overrides our settings. Please upload our plugin again and where you see the message ‘ update datafeedr product sets’ or something similar, do not update.

You should then notice a difference in your performance.

Thank you for your custom, we appreciate it.

Kind regards


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