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hi! I have a website with houndres of variations and it´s very slow to load a product page, I want to know wich pluggin must buy, my website is if someone can help me please

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Please review this article:

It will help you figure out where your slow performance is coming from. Hundreds of variations is not so many, so Scalability Pro + Redis object cache can help, but maybe you mean hundreds of variation options and underneath in the database this is actually 1000s of variations?

If so, then you should consider reworking your product variations. I had a look at this URL:

It looks like you’re providing customisation options for the product purchased but it also looks like the product price does not change, nor does the image, so you should avoid using variations for these. Instead, you should use any of the Product Addons or Product Options plugins – these allow you to keep your product as a SIMPLE product and the options get submitted along with the order – that’s ideal for what you’re doing and will massively speed up your site.

You can see my similar answer here: – if you scroll to my latest comment on that answer you’ll see 4 or 5 plugin options to use addons or options instead of variations.

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