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Hi,We have created a woocommerce site, using the theme \'Woodmart\'. There are quite a lot of users / orders / products which is making the load times slow.We have looked at the plugin \'Scalability Pro\' which we are hoping will help. Our intention is to install it tonight, that we believe from what we are reading it will help with archive / category / product pages which will make a huge difference to the site, as it is currently dropping constantly with timeout errors.We may require some support after installing the plugin and help to speed the site up.The site in question is in advance

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

I’m building a demo using Woodmart and helping another customer with Woodmart this week. It’s not only Scalability Pro – the WooCommerce filters provided by Woodmart don’t scale so you need to use Faster Woo Widgets too.

It depends how many products you have – but follow my guide here and activate query monitor and you’ll see the filters AND the main query taking a while. Scalability Pro speeds up the main query (as well as wp-admin main queries) whereas Faster Woo Widgets fixes the filters speed (you need to replace their filters with our better ones)

Dave H. Staff replied 3 years ago

If your slow queries are coming from woocommerce, scalability pro will only speed up the MAIN query. To speed up all the filter queries I made the plugin Faster Woo Widgets. The only way to optimise those slow filters was for me to write replacements from scratch.

Stuart G. replied 3 years ago

Hi Dave, thank you for coming back so fast. Will we not see a drastic improvement unless the widgets are changed also?
The slow queries we are experiencing are related to woocommerce. Also woodmart_get_config seems to be called 400 times on a page load but it also seems linked to wc_get_template.
I will install query monitor to check the queries on pages. I am creating indexes at the moment.

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