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I have a few questions about the Super Speedy Search plugin

Right now, I am using Fibosearch in a shop with 14,000 products and I get good speeds.

However, it does not allow me to configure which search results I get. For example, if I search for a reference like: 02-40903-02

I get 2 results including 02-40903-02 but it also includes results like 02-40903-01 with fuzzy search disabled. That is because of the way it treats dashes in the searches.

My question is, with Super Speedy Search can I configure how I want it to treat searches that include dashes or dots so that it gives me only the correct results?

On that same website I do a nightly import of the 14,000 products with WpAllImport. With Super Speedy Search is there a way to have it update the index automatically after a wpAllImport import?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 months ago

We have an advanced/beta option which lets you alter how you treat dashes to treat them as spaces or to treat them as one word. This advanced option is currently configurable only by adding a DEFINE line to your wp-config.php file.

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