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Neo n. asked 2 years ago

Hi Dave,

there is a problem when i try to search by product attribute - product category - product attribute alltogether. It shows me either product attribute result or product category result separately, but not together. For example, if i want to search by Chanel black bag - it shows me only bags.

Did i make a mistake in settings?

These are my settings:

wp_posts fields to search Search in Title

Use a fulltext index on posts YES

Use a fulltext index on post meta: YES

Meta key search type: Starts With

Select Taxonomies: product categories, product brand, product color

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

The other post types only get searched in the ajax dropdown box. Please check if that is enabled, if it is not please let me know the theme you are using so I can figure out the required hook I need to modify to overrule the search box output. It’s possible in many themes to add our search box manually using the [superspeedysearch] shortcode.

In the ajax search dropdown there are sections and links to ‘view all’ for a particular post_type which then changes the default post type you have selected.

For taxonomies, these also appear in the ajax results but should also appear at the top of the products if any matches exist.

Please also make sure you are using the latest beta version. There is another update to beta due out today to fix telephone number searches and searches for things with hyphens in them.

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi – I found the issue with Rehub – it was not overruling the rehub search box. If you can please test with 2.50 beta you should find a new option at the bottom of the settings > Super Speedy Search page. Choose to Override the WooCommerce Product Search and the Regular Search form and it should work perfectly now.

Neo n. replied 2 years ago

Hi, am using a rehab theme.

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