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. asked 4 years ago

Our website is and we are exploring new directions to structure our Woocommerce product data. Curious if Scalability Pro will work with 50,000+ Product Bundles and/or 50,000+ Product Variations? Is one direction with your plugin recommended more than the other? Thanks so much, also do you offer hourly Zoom consulting? -Dustin

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Scalability Pro speeds up underlying long-running SQL queries. It helps with the underlying main query for /shop/ but if you have 1000s of variations per product then you’ll probably encounter 10,000+ queries per /shop/ page and Scalability Pro doesn’t help with that – the best advice is to keep your variations to fewer than 100 per product so that they can be stored in your object cache.

Product Bundles, on the other hand, they are technically single products so they will be faster. I’m not sure you can achieve the same thing with bundles however.

Generally speaking – use variations ONLY when the price or the image is unique for that option. If it doesn’t change, use a product addon or product option instead. Similarly, if choosing an option changes the price by a predictable value (e.g. small + £0, medium +£10, large +£20) then you can use product options for that too.

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