Thank you, Dave + a small suggestion to Faster Woo Widget

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Firstly, I\'d like to thank Dave Hilditch for his excellent support and for catering to all our needs and desires in conncetion to the Faster Woo Widget. It is really much faster than the widget we had before that, and is also quite easy to use. We are very happy with the work Dave did for us on

We have a small suggestion for the future versions: it would be great to be able to set different options for Desktop and Mobile if a filter to be Default Closed, Default Open, Always Show etc. This way we would be able to have all or most filters Default Open on Desktop (where there is lots of space, the filters are on the side), and Default Close on Mobile, where the filters are below each other and is too much scrolling if we have them open by default.All else is great, keep up the good work :)

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you – I have created a Trello card for this feature request here:

If you have any additional info to help describe this feature request, please comment on the card or on this question.

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