the categories assigned to the attribute filter

Daniel A. asked 3 years ago

have you implemented the features asked about here.

my question is identical, because I want to assign a product attribute filter only to certain categories, one or two, for example the parent and sub-categories, for which a given attribute would be provided. On the list of widgets on the main page you cannot give all the trimmings because it looks bad and is unnecessary on the main page where we have filters for the size of clothes and the type of packaging for dietary supplements :)

After switching to a given subcategory, I want the Attributes filter to contain only options that have products in a given category and

To personalize my filter of attributes for filter categories. Without it, we can add, for example, 30 filters on the home page, and they should only be visible in a given subcategory. Is there a solution for this? Maybe you can use these plugins to display Widgets, for example "wigdet logic"?


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