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Kallad O. asked 7 years ago

Hello Dave

I purchased your Price Comparison Pro plugin, and have a couple of questions for you.

1) Is there a way to set up more than one CSS Selector details for the same domain? I have found that Amazon uses two different CSS Selectors (#priceblock_dealprice and #priceblock_ourprice), making it difficult to have the price always display in the Price Comparison widget, as some products are using the first CSS Selector, and others are using the second CSS Selector.

2) Is there a way to drag and drop the order of domain information in the backend of the Website Section (as this would enable me to arrange the details in alphabetical order) as well as in the Add Price Comparison URL section of the Woocommerce product edit page, (as this would enable me to arrange the Price Comparison results in price and/or alphabetical order).

3) The Price Comparison widget displayed on a single Woocommerce product page seems to have some challenges. The first three domains displayed are all working fine (there is an active link when hovering over the logo and the price). However, from the fourth domain onwards, there seems to be a couple of problems. Domain number four has no active link on the price, and there is only an active link when hovering slightly above the logo. From domain five onwards there are no active links found on the logo or price, for any domain. This seems to be true, no matter the order of the domains, as I have moved them around and still found the same results.

4) I consider myself to be reasonably proficient with css. However, try as I may, there seem to be a few domains that are proving to be challenging in my finding the correct link for the logo url OR CSS Selector information. I do not think that this problem requires additional scraping resources, but rather assistance in finding the ‘hidden’ css. Can you please point me in the right direction, where I can find assistance in this matter, as I do understand that you are extremely busy.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you. Gary

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Vasil Y. answered 7 years ago

Hey Gary,

sorry for the delay. Let me try and answer your questions one by one.

1)PCP always uses a CSS selector – one to be particular. Amazon does not use 2 CSS selectors, if you look at the video which we’ve put together on which part you need in particular, you will see that you need to grab only the first one and it should work flawlessly. 🙂

2)There is no drag and drop feature, however this is a very good idea which I will add to the developer’s "add a new feature" list – I am sure they will do something about it in a future upgrade.

3)Most likely incorrect configuration – I will need to see a screenshot of your PCP settings page in the admin area of your wordpress site in order to tell. Please send them to my private email – and do not hesitate to write there with any inquries or future issues, I will always try and help you out ASAP.

4)In case you do not manage to grab the correct CSS selector even after watching the video which I will leave here, please write to me again together with the particular links where you wish to scrape from, so that I can do the configuration myself.

Lastly, an installation service for ALL our products is going to launch today or tomorrow at the latest, e.g we will be able to install the plugins in a way you want against a fee. If you wish to take advantage of it, I suggest keeping an eye out on the store section.

The CSS selector video can be found here:

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