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. asked 4 years ago
Good morning, I have a question, we are a website where car companies and private sellers can sell cars. But we want to automaticly scrape cars from any website and post it on ours. So we need the titles, images, some custom fields and the content. Is that possible with your plug-in?
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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

There is a search comparison shortcode in the plugin that let’s you show search results from multiple websites directly on your own site, each product with their own affiliate deep link.

This does not load the third-party content to your site, instead it’s searching the third-party websites as the users search.

You can see it in practice in this demo here where it searches amazon and ebay:


If you want to scrape products into your store, that’s not yet possible in the plugin – it allows you to scrape prices and images to keep those parts updated. To populate, currently, you can use WP All Import if you can create an API against your scrape target using one of the third-party scraping sites.

I am planning to make use of the functionality from within the ‘search comparison’ widget to make it possible to import products to your store and to automatically figure out the correct deeplink URLs to attach to each product. Typically each product would have 5+ merchants where the item can be purchased, and I intend to make discovering and setting all those URLs as automatic as possible.

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