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Michel J. asked 8 years ago

Hello David,

On my development site I've installed your plugin and setup widgets. When I delete all the products in the store your plugin (widgets) still shows the attributes as if the products are still there. I also deleted the attributes rebooted the vps etc etc but still no luck, it looks like a caching problem but on my vps I don't have installed any caching plugin. My setup is as follow: Ubuntu 16.04.1, LEMP stack.

Hope you can help me out, I am very positive about the speed your plugins give me.



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Dave H. answered 8 years ago

Hi – there is an inbuilt caching system which uses (currently) transients to cache the sql results for the group by statements to fetch the category counts. This cache lasts 1 hour. If you wait an hour, the items will be gone.
I will add an option to disable this cache as it was really intended to be an optional choice.
In the meantime – you can use https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/ to clear the transients.

Michel J. replied 8 years ago

Hello Dave, I am going to try that. Thanx for your quick response and workaround.

Dave H. answered 8 years ago

In v2.7 I’ve added a few things to fix this. Firstly, you can switch off the built-in category/attribute SQL caching. Secondly, you can clear the cache from the settings page. Lastly, it will automatically clear the cache if you modify the product categories.

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