Woocommerce theme recommended for very large site (>1m skus)

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I would be grateful if you could recommend a woocommerce theme for a very large site incl approx 20k categories, in 3 languages (at first) and.... approx 1.3m skus (no variations on these, so simple)

Also if you could recommend freelancers/developers that are experience to develop such projects.

Super Speedy Plugins looks great by the way

Thanks !


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 years ago

Themify or Studiopress themes are all very fast at scale. There are others that are good – the main issues arise normally with some theme features – e.g. a lot of themes include an option to change the on-sale flag to a % discount and they all seem to have copy/pasted the same slow code from somewhere.

Rehub is also good. Storefront is bad but not unfixable – they basically use vanilla WooCommerce shortcodes for best selling products and others on their home page and 404 page which kill your scalability once you grow. You can create a child theme and remove these shortcodes however.

As for developers, the main difference with a large site is in the importing area. You should find someone experienced with WP All Import probably.

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thank you very much

i will look it up



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