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. asked 8 years ago


I'm interested on the WordPress Price Comparison Pro, I would like to buy it but before I would like to test it.

I've seen there's a light version of this plugin on Wordpress repository but seems old related to the PRO version sold on this website.

Is there the possibility to try a Website Demo with the WordPress Price Comparison Pro plugin installed?


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Vasil Y. answered 8 years ago

Hey Mauro, apologies for the very delayed answer. Unfortunately we are not yet offering demos for the listed here products, -however- you can expect one very soon. I will make sure to follow up with you and let you know as soon as the demo is online and accessible.

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 years ago

We don’t offer a trial version unfortunately. I don’t have time to code up the trial-code when I’ve got so much other code to write.

Instead, you can buy and if it’s not what you need there’s a money-back guarantee. NOTE: with Price Comparison Pro, we have a restricted money-back guarantee. If you are asking for your money back because you cannot use CSS or xPath (you only need to know one) then the money back guarantee is not valid. We have had too many buyers buying then refunding who do not know CSS or xPath so ensure you understand this before purchase.

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