Works correctly but lacks for essential features

Fernando V. asked 2 years ago

I can install the plugin and index my products correctly, however I expect it have more pro features to customize the search results, for example:

  1. I was hopping to could manage the weights of each type element indexed, for example the title have some weight diferent to the content or the excerpt. (attached image: weights1.png )

  2. I expected to be able to assign a weight of each specific term, for example: if i was searching for iphone, assign more weight for "smartphones" category than "smartphone accesories".

  3. The autocomplete/autosuggest feature is in development and is a feature that I requiere too.

Its a plugin with a high potential but still it's in development stage, so I hope you can make me a refund


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago
  1. Weights are being released later today
  2. Same
  3. Is auto suggest not working well for you?
Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Yes I can make a refund – but the latest beta version of Super Speedy Search is awesome – you can play with it here:

If you want to proceed with a refund, please email your order number to

Fernando V. replied 2 years ago

I have the older live version of the plugin 2.11 and I can not see the features. Also now im using elasticpress with CW.

Im not going to use this plugin, so can you make the refund?

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