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Aleš M. asked 3 years ago


Can images of variable Product be imported with the WP All Import plug-in?

And how?

I am attaching a picture

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes – you import your variations like you would normally, referencing the parent SKU or whatever identifier you use to indicate this is a child variation and which product is its parent, and then just the same as regular products you load the images into the external_image_url custom meta field, separated by the | pipe symbol.

The first image will be treated as the featured image, subsequent images will be treated as the gallery images for the variation. It’s up to your theme to handle variation galleries however. (we will be adding an extra gutenberg block for galleries and variation galleries soon for themes which don’t provide support for variation galleries).

Alternatively, you can load the featured image for the variation into external_image_url and you can load the gallery images into gallery_urls custom meta field. This can be useful if you have separate import feeds for featured images and gallery images for some reason.

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