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I am interested in the WPI Fast WordPress Stack (installation only). I have a customer with a large Wordpress/WooCommerce store (around 120,000+ products) and it has been getting quite slow. It currently using Varnish caching. I am moving the site tomorrow to an unbuntu 14.04 VPS on a2hosting.com (https://www.a2hosting.com/hhvm-hosting), which should be completed by monday.

I was planning on just installing HHVM and hoping that would speed up the php side of things (mysql doesn't seem to be the slow part right now, but I am after any speed increases we can get), but then I came across on the service you are offering.

Do you think the WPI Fast WordPress Stack will work on this VPS?

Will there be any changes that need to be made to the Wordpress/Woocommerce side of things? (as all the products etc... are already imported to the website)

Would you be able to set everything up early next week?



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John M. answered 7 years ago

Hi Simon,

Sorry for the late reply, a few changes have been made to our support recently and some items fell through the net so to speak.

If you still require assistance let us know and we will be happy to help.

We would suggest that you use PHP 7 instead, this will boost speeds for sure.

Kind regards


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