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adie d. asked 8 years ago

ok is there anybody here that can help me.........................i have speed issues......i have 630 products in wooommerce catalogue.........website speed in general is very very slow, have lots images that are being pulled in via an affiliate network (Amazon) so this slows my website down( thus website space server issues) so also cost!! ...

Downloaded query monitor, tried find my slow pages which are my home page and a paticular category where the 630 products are mostly located........... i load the page/pages ,now i have unresponsive page so i can not even get the results from Query monitor.

Would aprecaite any help from support or fellow user who knows what they are doing.

I am not a developer, programmer, just a normal user trying to figure things out..............Thanks

adie d. replied 8 years ago

I already replied to you 6 days ago, i can not do anything i am unable to log in to website again………..i have asked you for help from your new developer please.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

Any luck with the screenshot?

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

630 products is not very many – can you load your slowest page, click the query monitor button then take a full page screenshot and post it here? There’s a good full screenshot extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/capture-webpage-screensho/mcbpblocgmgfnpjjppndjkmgjaogfceg?hl=en

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Dave H. answered 8 years ago

Hi here’s what I can see from your home page:

1) You have 8500 options with autoload = yes – you should really have about 300 – this will be slowing down every page and using CPU

2) Avada Images is doing a slow custom join to grab images – takes 0.5 seconds

3) FusionCore_Plugin (from Avada) then does 3 long queries totalling about 1.5 seconds – given you’re running on a good server stack, this is really bad

If you can bear with me, I can get time to look into this and fix it so Avada is fast and will add it to the performance plugin.

Dave H. replied 8 years ago

I’ve fixed your options – was actually woocommerce product type transients – I’ve also fixed those Avada queries and added an index to the WPI performance plugin. You can see your site review video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EHC2RRNB50

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