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. asked 3 years ago


I came across your plugin for the price comparison.

Is it possible to use the plugin without woocommerce? I use the free version. If not would paying make it available without? I would like to use the widget on a post.

And the plugin works on all websites right? not just larger ones like Amazon, but smaller ones as well?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 3 years ago

Price Comparison Pro works on any WordPress site – no need for WooCommerce. You get a shortcode you can use to create a comparison table anywhere you like – blog article, page, custom post type, wherever you like.

And yes – you can use it to scrape any site, not just Amazon – any site – you will have to add your own affiliate links for them (same with Amazon anyway) or you can use the affiliate aggregator linked in the pro version which covers a lot of merchants and they take 10% of what you would otherwise get.

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