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Do you have demo version to try plugin before buy?

Thanks, Greg

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

We don’t have downloadable demos, but you can get wp-admin access for our demo store.

Our demo store has all of our plugins installed, as well as competitor plugins so you can compare us to them. It has 60,000 products loaded to it, so you can see the speed at scale.

If you want access to wp-admin for our demos, please ping @glynnage on our Discord server and he’ll create a clone for you and give you admin access.

You can also go play with our demo and see it working here – https://demotemplate.demo.superspeedyplugins.com/

Note: We develop and test against multiple demos on this server with automated code deployment, so it may go up and down while we’re testing changes.

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