Core Changelog for External Images

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Contributors: dhilditch
Donate link:
Tags: images
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 6.4.2
Stable tag: 3.11
Requires PHP: 7.0 License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Allows you to use images hosted on third party CDNs without letting WordPress download them. Massively speeds up imports.


Allows you to use images hosted on third party CDNs without letting WordPress download them. Massively speeds up imports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this PHP 8 compatible?

Yes, and it's MySQL 8 and MariaDB compatible too.


3.22 (11th July 2024)

  • Fixed warning on plugins page caused by new settings upgrade
  • Added better messaging for invalid, expired and exceeded licenses

3.21 (10th July 2024)

  • Hotfix for settings upgrade from yesterday

3.20 (9th July 2024)

  • Updated license checker to use new faster version

3.19 (6th June 2024)

  • Fixed script-error for missing dependencies caused by #132 fix for woodmart - now we check for woodmart (or child) being active prior to running this script with its dependencies
  • Improved robustness of fallback image handler so it handles sites with lazyload etc properly
  • Added new option to settings page to let admins choose the fallback image URL

3.18 (4th June 2024)

  • Made admin CPT image a reasonable size for those generated by Jet Engine

3.17 (4th June 2024)

  • Added compatibility with Jet Engine galleries

3.16 (16th May 2024)

  • Version number bump to fix it saying there are updates available when it's already up to date

3.15 (15th May 2024)

  • #132 - fixed - Woodmart theme upload button don't work

3.14 (4th April 2024)

  • Performance update for image proxying if you provide a broken http link on an https site

3.13 (27th March 2024)

  • Solved issue #33 ( )
    • Featured Image was not displaying while using Admin Columns plugin on all posts page

3.12 (29th February 2024)

  • Fixed warning about converstion of false to array (

3.11 (15th February 2024)

  • Hardening of security for new proxy-all-images option
    • just bear in mind, proxying images will slow down initial page generation
    • imports will still be fast
    • space on your server will be used
    • wp-content/uploads/external-images folder is where the proxied images are stored
    • this folder can be cleared at any time, it should only end up with popular images, and SEO bots will only pull main product images

3.10 (14th February 2024)

  • Added use of wp_cache_get and wp_cache_set for image retrieval to reduce SQL queries per page
  • Upgraded the underlying storage system to include the attachment id to reduce SQL queries further in future
    • upgraded for featured images
    • upgraded for galleries (main and variation galleries)
  • Upgraded SEO compatibility
    • new width for images of 0 gets handled properly by front-end galleries (it auto-widths)
    • both Yoast and Rankmath now think there is no usable image
    • re-added our own og:image tags so the image tags still exist for facebook, twitter etc
    • no width parameter provided - tested with both facebook and twitter, they both figure out the correct image ratio so long as the width does not exist (we don't do expensive calculation of )
  • Added new option to Proxy All Images through your server if you wish
    • Note: This will slow down display of your images since your server has to download them first
    • Removed old proxy code, replaced with new proxy code which actually serves images up from wp-content/uploads/external-images/filename.jpg so proxied images get cached over time

3.09 (10th February 2024)

  • Hotfix for users without woodmart
    • somehow the filter that I thought only woodmart was using can be getting used by other themes without woodmart functions existing

3.08 (7th February 2024)

  • Fixed issue with variation gallery fix from yesterday, on woodmart, if you did NOT have a gallery for your variations, the variation images were no longer changing - fixed

3.07 (6th February 2024)

  • Manually creating variation featured images now correctly creates a media entry for that variation image
  • Fixed og:image tag issue with both Yoast and Rankmath
  • Fixed integration with Woodmart variation galleries

3.06 (16th January 2024)

  • Further performance boost for archives with variation galleries
    • the main product gallery will be retrieved in the archive, but not the variation galleries any more
  • Improvements to automatic selector management for galleries
    • improves variation selection for owl and slick slider
    • improves automatic compatibility with more themes

3.05 (16th January 2024)

  • Re-added our variation-gallery JavaScript for those who wish to use it
    • ensure our JS is not disabled from the settings page in order to use this
    • on certain themes, changing variation will not replace the gallery thumbnails, using our JS will replace the gallery thumbnails regardless of your theme

3.04 (21st November 2023)

  • Updated plugin updater to look at

3.03 (21st November 2023)

  • Fixed issue with API license checker, one type of result was not being cached
  • Improved performance of has_thumbnail - now it only checks 1 postmeta value, previously it was fetching the media into posts wastefully

3.02 (9th November 2023)

  • Changed default option for mapping images as part of import process

3.01 (20th October 2023)

  • Added 2 hour transient cache for reading changelog files from our server
    • this will speed up wp-admin slightly and prevent the 403 forbidden error messages some have been getting when trying to run plugin updates

3.00 (21st September 2023)

  • Optimised to reduce how many queries occur

2.99 (12th September 2023)

  • Fixed warning about $image_url being declared optional when followed by required parameter
  • Added option to enable image-mapping during imports
    • this is now deactivated by default
    • that means, the first time a product/post is loaded, that is when the images will be extracted from external_image_url field and made into fake attachment entries in the database
    • keep this option disabled for extra import speed, but a customer HAS reported in the past that this option can fix images when using Cloudflare cache primer

2.98 (30th August 2023)

  • Ensure our JS doesn't run on pages where there are no external images
  • Speed boost in cases where we already found the attachment id - reduces how many SQL queries occur
  • Fixed product-detail JS so that if a user changes the selected variation, our JS is no longer required and all variation images remain in the thumbnail area
    • Removed our JS for selecting variations which is no longer required
    • to revert this behaviour, add to wp-config.php: define('EI_SHOW_VARIATION_IMAGES_IN_MAIN_GALLERY, false);
  • Removed bubble-up of grabbing variation galleries
    • EI used to grab the gallery from the parent if the variation had no gallery
    • this was more recently causing parent galleries to appear in the variation edit page
    • if you need to revert this, you can add this line to wp-config.php: define('EI_GRAB_PARENT_GALLERY_IF_NO_GALLERY', true);
  • Added new option to allow users to remove our 2 MetaBox API filters which were added to provide Houzez theme compatibility
  • Updated WPI settings page to match SPRO

2.97 (10th August 2023)

  • Hotfix for new updates system - if your server was configured to disable remote URL requests, a critical error was happening upon upgrade. This has been fixed with a warning message that you cannot check for updates.

2.96 (4th August 2023)

  • Upgraded main settings page to show changes since last update
    • added update count to menu to help users notice
  • Added links to all plugin docs and support areas in the settings page

2.95 Beta (26th July 2023)

  • Upgraded updates sytem so it uses JSON and gets zip file from license-key-checked URL

2.94 (16th June 2023)

  • Fixed warning about trying to get ID from int when WP thought it was a post object

2.93 (15th June 2023)

  • Fixed warning about missing option disable_variation_js
  • Fixed bug with detecting option disable_variation_js
    • this was always being considered disabled since 2.92 so it meant some themes were not showing variation images

2.92 (6th June 2023)

  • Removed option to disable external images for certain post types. Oddly, if any of these were enabled, it would cause the datafeedr import-bypass to fail. Some other issues too, presumably related to hook priorities. No harm in removing this so I just removed it to simplify the code.
  • Added new option to disable the External Images JS
    • with some themes with advanced JS for galleries, our JS was causing a conflict
    • this option was previously available in the defines.php file, so if you had added it to your wp-config.php then you should now visit settings and enable the option there
  • Cleaned up the code a little bit for easier reading

2.91 (14th March 2023)

  • Fixed bug which caused variations to be deleted when product updated if imported via wp all import + main product had gallery + variations had gallery
  • Fixed bug which was causing superfluous image to be generated in the database if the image URL contains https twice (e.g. a proxy image resizing CDN does this)

2.90 (7th March 2023)

  • Experimental version to try and fix bug with Additional Variation Gallery Images when image contains comma

2.89 (15th February 2023)

  • Fix for remote images from wp-content/uploads folder - WordPress was imagining a site-migration had happened and was auto-changing the remote URL to local URL

2.88 (15th February 2023)

  • Fix Variation plugins which expect the image meta inside a nested array (makes variation image 2+ appear now)

2.87 (9th February 2023)

  • Fix for JS error introduced in 2.86

2.86 (8th February 2023)

  • Added compatibility for "Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce"
  • Added compatibility for "Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce"
  • Added new wp-config.php override option for Woo Gallery Wrapper - not needed in all cases, but may need customisation for some themes with variation gallery support
    • define('EI_VARIATION_GALLERY_WRAPPER_CSS', '.woocommerce-product-gallery');
    • If you wish to override this, edit your wp-config.php file and add your own CSS class for your themes gallery container

2.85 (24th November 2022)

  • Added new hook onto wp_after_insert_post to call map_image_meta
    • rather than waiting until the post/product is first loaded, we can safely map images immediately for low cost and this fixes @gazzas cloudflare caching issue

2.84 (4th November 2022)

  • Fixed broken img_alt - img_alts were being stored correctly but not retrieved correctly - now fixed

2.83 (26th October 2022)

  • Updated hook to override datafeedr and prevent image import for datafeedr product sets if the option is enabled

2.82 (18th October 2022)

  • Extra override to ei_get_image_meta if guid empty to return empty array immediately

2.81 (18th October 2022)

  • Added override to ei_get_image_meta if $post_id = 0 return empty array immediately

2.80 (29th September 2022)

  • Fixed warning with missing image_alt index
  • Removed verbose console logging in JS for variations
  • Added new defines option to disable JS for variations - add define('EI_DISABLE_VARIATION_JS', true); to wp-config.php to disable our variation gallery JS to update the gallery when variations change

2.79 (16th September 2022)

  • Fixed issue where galleries were sometimes showing a phantom blank image at the end of the gallery

2.78 (14th September 2022)

  • Added new _photos postmeta key when mapping from imports or saving item + gallery to create compatibility with Property Hive gallery

2.77 (8th September 2022)

  • Removed old unused ALT text editor from post.php
  • Added 3 new import fields - external_image_alts, external_image_captions, external_image_titles
  • Updated image mapper to copy alt, caption, title into correct places in database - alt goes in post meta, title in title, caption in excerpt
  • Fixed bug with grabbing correct thumbnail id - in some cases it had been grabbing the parent post/productid. It needs to grab the correct id to be able to grab the texts.
  • Updated the editor for featured image to include hyperlink to upload.php where the texts can be edited - users can also edit the texts by adjusting the meta flags and then changing ei_converted to 0 in postmeta
  • Updated editor for galleries to link to upload.php too

2.76 (1st September 2022)

  • Added new EI_BETA definition to defines.php. To receive BETA updates for this plugin, add define('EI_BETA', true); to your wp-config.php file

2.75 (29th July 2022)

  • Fixed issue with external variation gallery images not saving fake media info to the database. This meant some themes and variation gallery plugins were displaying little boxes but not grabbing the image URLs.
  • Added 'Hide/Show External Images' dropdown to Media Gallery - defaults to showing all

2.74 (15th July 2022)

  • Fixed warning message for is_archive call replaced by option in settings page

2.73 (8th July 2022)

  • Update to fix broken image on Affiliate Coupons plugin when External Images was activated. This may fix other plugins if they also requested thumbnails in the same way.

2.72 (2nd July 2022)

  • Fixed missing call to defines.php - this meant the new option was behaving like it was always on, as well as producing an error. If the previous version fixed your featured image appearing in the gallery, and this version does not, please see the info in the previous versions readme about updating your wp-config.php file

2.71 (1st July 2022)

  • Fixed issue with external image URLs not being produced correctly in wp-admin pages - e.g. in edit product attributes, if you were using external images here the preview was not working
  • Added new definition - add define('EI_ADD_FEATURED_IMAGE_TO_GALLERY', true); to wp-config.php if you have a theme which excludes the featured image from your gallery
  • Altered the Image Quick Fix setting so that it only affects archive pages - a user had reported this working to fix archives, but at same time breaking detail page
  • Updated JS script to load based on version 2.71 (was previously reloading JS every time)

2.70 (1st April 2022)

  • Added fallback code for variations - if theme or plugins request featured image or gallery for variation and there is none, it will grab the featured image or gallery from the parent post

2.69 (9th March 2022)

  • Updated the plugin updater

2.68 (11th February 2022)

  • Fixed bug with broken image handler - it should now correctly use your fallback image.

2.67 (20th January 2022)

  • Fixed bug where updating a variable product after importing it using WP All Import was causing the variations to disappear.

2.66 (19th January 2022)

  • Fixed plugin number so it stops trying to update the plugin

2.65 (12th January 2022)

  • Added new quick hot fix option which fixes a bunch of themes when the woocommerce archive image refuses to appear

2.64 (17th December 2021)

  • Hardened plugin update checker so it doesn't crash if WPI not available

2.63 (26th October 2021)

  • Fixed warning in get_post_metadata filter relating to DOING_AJAX

2.62 Beta (21st October 2021)

  • Fixed warning that happened when External Images settings were saved and option to not check image sizes was selected
  • Hardened get_post_metadata filter to prevent possible stack overflow through recursion

2.61 (22nd June 2021)

  • Fixed galleries in the Porto theme (which will definitely fix others too), now fully using faked attachments properly so any theme pulling attachments directly from the database will succeed - no longer using wc_external_image{product_id}_{gallerynumber} - now just using attachmentid which works far better

2.60 (21st June 2021)

  • Removed debug appearing in normal featured image
  • Changed some admin text to be clearer - External Featured Image instead of External Images

2.59 Beta (18th June 2021)

  • Added GUID lookup for get_{$post_type}_metadata to grab the post_id of the 'fake' attached image. This has been coded to use post_parent and thus the default index on wp_posts (i.e. not table scans, will be fast even without Scalability Pro).
  • GUID lookup also fixes duplicate image issue in some themes e.g. WP Residency where the theme authors do a database lookup for the gallery attachments but exclude the featured image ID. Not sure why they don't use the built in WordPress functions, but whatever, this fixes it.

2.58 (13th April 2021)

  • Added extra image meta data to fool Houzez theme into behaving properly
  • Added CSS for Houzez theme to make the gallery images all be the same size

2.57 (13th April 2021)

  • Added Houzez theme compatibility - featured images work in v3,v4,v5 mode, but not v1 or v2 display modes - see KB article for workaround if you need to use v1 or v2 display mode.
  • Added filter for Houzez gallery
  • Added wp-admin filter to override has_thumbnail so that thumbs will appear in the admin post/product/CPT list

2.56 Beta (18th February 2021)

  • Fixed SQL bug when importing products which didn't have images
  • Fixed 'faked attachment' issue causing some builders to not recognise images existing due to missing 'size' info. Now all faked attachments have the metadata correctly stored for the 'full' size image.

2.55 Beta (15th February 2021)

  • Improved attachment handling compatibility amongst themes and added belt & braces code to convert stored relative URL to absolute URL
  • Fixed wp-admin -> Media so that external images will display in that list

2.54 Beta (11th February 2021)

  • Added spoofing of attachments to media gallery - this fixes issues with most block builders so they can use 'attached posts' to find images for galleries etc (e.g. beaver builder)
  • Added actions on old eigallery and gallery_urls meta fields to remap data - this allows users to have 1 import job for featured images and then a 2nd import job for gallery images (requested by customer)

2.53 Beta (30th November 2020)

  • Fixed bug causing galleries not to save from admin page for custom post types, even if they had gallery support specified
  • Removed check for Photon image resizing on 'full' images - some people wish to use Photon even if they are not resizing the image

2.52 (30th September 2020)

  • Added new WPI Settings page where users can enter their license key to enable plugin updates

2.51 (1st September 2020)

  • Fixed bug with datafeedr imports - should have only been warning, but seems in some cases to have been breaking import of meta data for datafeedr
  • Fixed bug where empty images were overruling uploaded images
  • Fixed bug where empty gallery images were causing extra empty gallery image to appear (e.g. if you combine 5 image columns in WP All Import but one product has only 4 images it was creating a fifth broken image)

2.50 (6th July 2020)

  • Fixed bug with datafeedr comparison sets image override (external images will now correctly force comparison sets to use the external images)

2.49 (2nd July 2020)

  • Added custom post type gallery support - this enables the gallery meta box in all post types, but it's still up to the theme/plugin to actually make use of the gallery for that post type

2.48 (29th June 2020)

  • Fixed CSS dynamic resizing for 'related products' - was working for archives but not related products

2.47 (29th June 2020)

  • Added significant speed boosts - no actual need to check image sizes, so now it doesn't which massively speeds up imports. Instead it pretends like every image is 600x600 then relies on CSS displaying the image properly on the front end.

2.46 (23rd June 2020)

  • Updated DB version so conversions will happen from external_image_url to _external_image_url (array) again due to some past failed conversions
  • Recoded the conversion process to be a single code path and eliminate complications that may have been causing some images to not convert properly

2.44 (23rd June 2020)

  • Minor hot fix to ensure items are not marked as 'converted' prior to the external_image_url actually being entered
  • Removed error logging

2.43 (22nd June 2020)

  • Hot fix for some broken themes that were using 'placeholder' replacement technique

2.42 (18th June 2020)

  • 2nd Hot fix to handle placeholder based image replacement for some more difficult themes

2.41 (18th June 2020)

  • Hot fix from issue causing images not to convert properly

2.40 (18th June 2020)

  • Pushed Beta version live (see all beta edits if you're upgrading since last live version)

2.39 Beta (18th June 2020)

  • Fixed DB update code

2.38 Beta (11th June 2020)

  • Finished product variation galleries - now working on all themes I tested

2.37 Beta (9th June 2020)

  • Added galleries to product variations (this feature is definitely still beta - needs testing on a few themes)

2.36 Beta (27th May 2020)

  • Using belt & braces for DB update for anyone that was on earlier beta program

2.35 Beta (26th May 2020)

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Editor
  • Removed a lot of error logging for photon image resizing

2.34 Beta (25th May 2020)

  • Improved labelling of External Image field for variation images
  • Improved labelling on settings pages
  • Added Photon image resizing
  • Fixed migration/db update from beta 2.32

2.33 Beta (19th May 2020)

  • Improved conversion code to be 100% resilient
  • Improved documentation in settings pages to be more useful
  • Made 'cropping' option actually set the CSS
  • Other updates after thorough testing with various product import tools to ensure images are re-imported correctly when the external_image_url field changes
  • Changed the defaults for the new Datafeedr options so existing users will continue to get the expected functionality without having to go to the settings page to set the new options

2.32 Beta (14th May 2020)

  • Added code to reset mapping meta_key when external_image_url is updated to a string - this mapping is what will then turn the string into an array of urls and sizes

2.31 Beta (14th May 2020)

  • Added improved SSL config to admin screen
  • Added image crop config to admin screen
  • Added option to control Datafeedr import - prevent download & resize images for archives & product comparison sets
  • Added mapping system to migrate old data to new data
  • Re-integrated SSL proxy for insecure images
  • Added updated DB update code to remove phantom images and map external_image_url across to new array

2.30 Beta (5th May 2020)

  • Added better config for featured image & product gallery on admin screen
  • Improved compatibility for all themes including Woodmart
  • Improved featured image and galleries on product detail page
  • Changed CSS to make image crop work better using newer object-fit property
  • Added config for images for product variations
  • Added ability to choose not to run external images for particular post types

2.23 (19th July 2019)

  • Removed thumb and featured image override when imports are underway, otherwise some import tools were trying to import the remote image URL

2.22 (19th July 2019)

  • Fixed code to properly replace the placeholder on archive pages - this means ON SALE flash, and other overlays from your theme will work as expected
  • Added zoom lightbox to product detail page including zoom, lightbox, full screen mode etc
  • Did a bit of code refactoring to tidy things up
  • Full compatibility with Zeen theme added
  • Added extra explanations to admin settings page for HTTP/HTTPS config
  • Added option to settings page to prevent double images in related products, recommended products and other mini-archives for some themes that have some particular sets of actions
  • Improved compatibility across all themes for archives and product detail
  • Added DB versioning and now storing external images as attachments in DB so that almost all themes should work immediately

2.21 (17th July 2019)

  • Added code to filter out empty images from gallery for those who do not know how many images they are importing and are simply importing img1|img2|img3 etc. Now, you can have img1|||| safely and only 1 image will be considered

2.20 (16th July 2019)

  • Added improved placeholder detection on archive so placeholder+external image is far less likely to happen

2.19 (15th July 2019)

  • Fixed images not displaying in some product archives - was for specific crop type when multiple images were present
  • Fixed some inline CSS which was causing some product-detail gallery themes to think two products existed, which in turn was causing their slider to kick in

2.18 (10th June 2019)

  • Speed boosts for image proxying
  • Adding config control to choose per-CDN if http should be changed to https (instead of http) - solves Asos CDN image problems
  • Thumbnail bug fixes for various themes

2.17 (29th May 2019)

  • Hot fix for placeholder images in thumbs

2.16 (29th May 2019)

  • Re-fixed the bug that was causing duplicate images to appear in some themes where they both invoke the image action and the image placeholder filter.

2.15 (8th May 2019)

  • Fixed bug with woocommerce products widget and shortcodes which was causing placeholder image to appear instead of the external image

2.14 (8th May 2019)

  • Hot fix to fix thumbnail images when actual image present (not external image)

2.13 (8th May 2019)

  • Hot fix to fix thumbnail images when multiple images were present

2.12 (8th May 2019)

  • Fixed rehub theme compatibility
  • Improved generic theme compatibility even further - can't find any that don't work now (tested 20+)

2.11 (3rd May 2019)

  • Added Storefront theme compatibility
  • Improved generic theme compatibility with item-detail pages
  • Removed hover-zoom effect
  • Added has_thumbnail override to improve theme compatibility
  • Added 'pipe' separator instead of comma

2.10 (11th February 2019)

  • Added Electro theme compatibility

2.08 (11th February 2019)

  • Improved social media sharing meta tags - added og:image:width, og:image:height and twitter:image
  • Added proxy URL to social sharing in meta tags

2.07 (4th February 2019)

  • Fixed bug in archive pages when gallery images put into external_image_url that was preventing featured image (first image) being pulled correctly from the list

2.06 (28th January 2019)

  • Added compatibility for the Flatsome theme - it rewrites the core html thumbnail functions, now we rewrite them back to be compatible

2.05 (13th January 2019)

  • Modified to allow CSV images to be inserted into the external_image_url. You can still just insert the featured image here and the full CSV to the eigallery custom meta field.

2.04 (31st December 2018)

  • Re-fixed double-image issue - fix was accidentally reverted when fixing other bug

2.03 (29th December 2018)

  • Added ability to detect 'first image' embedded inside the HTML content of the post. Now, order is: external_image_url, featured image, first image in content
  • Removed debug statements

2.01 (29th December 2018)

  • Fixed bug for non-woocommerce sites - now correctly falls back to thumbnail html

2.00 (22nd December 2018)

  • Fixed fallback code for cases where gutenberg is available but not being used on current post

1.99 (22nd December 2018)

  • Fixed wp-admin products listing bug which was affecting some themes and causing permissions error
  • Added gutenberg compatibility
  • Fixed double-images issue on some themes

1.98 (2nd December 2018)

  • Fixed bug that was preventing default WooCommerce image templates being used if there is no external image set.

1.97 (2nd December 2018)

  • Fixed bug caused by change to woocommerce cropping storage
  • Fixed related-products which was broken for some themes
  • Fixed wp-admin -> Woocommerce -> products so thumbnails now show there too

1.96 (30th November 2018)

  • Added fix for woocommerce placeholders which was spitting out warning message

1.95 (30th November 2018)

  • Added more hook and filter support for more themes

1.91 (30th October 2018)

  • Fixed bug from last bugfix!

1.90 (30th October 2018)

  • Fixed bug with some themes breaking the archive view

1.88 (29th October 2018)

  • Added full gallery support - you can now store external gallery URLs in the eigallery post_meta field (comma separated, unlimited number). See product page for guide to altering your child theme.

1.88 (17th October 2018)

  • Fixed division by zero error when cropping images with some woocommerce settings

1.87 (17th September 2018)

  • Fixed bug with cropped square images caused by new setting in WooCommerce

1.85 (23rd June 2018)

  • Fixed ?ver=time() issue which was preventing browser caching of .js and .css files for the plugin

1.84 (11th May 2018)

  • Fixed issue when image height was set to 0 in WooCommerce. Now, it will output an img tag if either width or height are set to zero, and use the proper img ratio for the missing dimension.

1.83 (27th April 2018)

  • Minor update to use cURL instead of checkimagesize to check if remote HTTPS image exists

1.82 (27th April 2018)

  • Improved detection of remote SSL - now, if an http image is presented on a users HTTPS site, that domain will be tested to check if it supports HTTPS. It remembers this knowledge. This means many images do not need to be proxied and can instead work with https directly.

1.81 (26th April 2018)

  • Removed warnings for 'imgfield' index

1.80 (26th April 2018)

  • Removed warnings for 'eili' index

1.79 (13th Mar 2018)

  • Fixed SSL detection with Cloudflare websites - now checks for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO

1.78 (15th Feb 2018)

  • Fixed issue with no woocommerce available

1.77 (22nd January 2018)

  • Fixed other thumbs outside of product loop

1.76 (22nd January 2018)

  • Renamed folder to external-images instead of external-wordpress-images


1.75 (22nd January 2018)

  • Added CSS image cropping
  • Added option to check image sizes
  • Added 3rd meta field to check for images (merchant_image_url)
  • Added og tags
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