Slow HTTP API Calls due to WooCommerce Experimental Tracking

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After getting my website home page load time down to 1.3 seconds, with the help of Scalability Pro, Super Speedy Filters and Super Speedy Search, imagine my disappointment when recently, I was seeing times of 7 seconds+ on random visits to the website.

Using Query Monitor, I was able to diagnose that a significant chunk of this time was HTTP API Calls.

Upon further inspection, these calls were coming from woo-commerce experiments, adding a total of 6.26 seconds to the 7.51 second total load time.

This had only just recently began to appear, so I had a look at the change-log for WooCommerce and immediately noticed lots of new experimental features had been added such as:

  • Add ā€“ Add experimental import product task, which replaces the default add products task when selling elsewhere is selected during the OBW. #32835
  • Add ā€“ Add experimental add product for task list #32801
  • Add ā€“ Add experimental product task feature flag & experimental-products component #32774
  • Add ā€“ Add experimental import product task feature flag & experimental-import products component #32789

I personally have no issues with this sort of thing taking place on my website, others might, but, at the cost of 6 seconds being added to my load speed, this wasn’t acceptable.

Luckily, there is a way of disabling these ‘experiments’.

In WooCommerce settings, switch to the Advanced Tab, and then choose

Uncheck the ‘Enable Tracking’ setting and then Save.

WooCommerce settings page showing how to disable experimental tracking to fix WooCommerce Experimental Tracking Issue.

Its as simple as that. I have tested for over a week, and I have not once seen these HTTP API Calls since! šŸ™‚

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