“Last” page selector for Themify

Themify has 3 different pagination options accessible under Themify Settings > Theme settings > Pagination Option . The “Infinite Scroll” option gets overridden by Auto Infinite Scroll, and this needs to be disabled to grab the selectors anyway.


Auto Infinite Scroll Selectors

Important: Deactivate Auto Infinite Scroll to enable scrolling down the page for page numbers.

Using the “Numbered Page Navigation” option results in there being no selector for the final page, as there is no “Next” arrow available for the last page, which is where Auto Infinite Scroll grabs from. As a result, the products on the final page will not display in Auto Infinite Scroll.


To fix this, switch the pagination setting to “Previous Posts and Next Posts Links”. In this case, for some reason “Newer Entries” jumps from page 122 to 121, and “Older Entries” from 122 to 123, but for some reason they have switched positions.


Grab both of these selectors and reactivate Auto Infinite Scroll, go to Dashboard > Settings > Auto Infinite Scroll > Wrapper Settings. Make sure you add the “Newer” selector in the “Previous” box, and the “Older” in the “Next” box.


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