Is my theme compatible with External Images?

External Images uses hooks and filters to overwrite the default functions used by WordPress to obtain thumbnails and featured images, but there are some (very few) themes out there that cause images to appear blank.

The list below is *not* exhaustive, since External Images should work with 95+% of themes, but here’s a list anyway of popular themes that have been confirmed 100% compatible:

  • Rehub theme
  • Storefront theme
  • Shopper theme
  • eStore theme
  • Flash theme
  • Bizlite theme
  • Experon theme
  • Kubera theme
  • Supermarket eCommerce theme
  • Texeca theme
  • Themify Ultra theme

The list above is clearly not exhaustive. I just filtered in themes for those with eCommerce capabilities and then installed and tested these ones. In these tests, I did not find any themes that were not compatible.

If you install a theme and it’s not displaying images in your shop archive or product detail pages, please check the following:

  • Make sure the theme is WooCommerce compatible
  • Check the options for the theme and disable any ‘product gallery’ options – External Images comes with its own gallery

Failing that, contact us and we’ll figure out a solution for your theme.

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