Common issues with Price Comparison Pro

The main complaint people have is that prices are not updating. If this is happening to you:

  1. Check you have the correct domain entry and correct CSS selector on the settings page
  2. If that fails, please click the ‘CHECK’ button on the prices to force a live update and view the Javascript console (CTRL+SHIFT+I on PC Chrome, CMD + OPT + I on Mac Chrome)
  3. If the console tells you ‘scraper not found’ it means you either don’t have an entry in the settings page, or you have entered the domain incorrectly. Domains should not include http:// at the beginning.
  4. If the console tells you ‘found: undefined’ after you click ‘check’ below the prices – this means either your CSS selector is not working, or the prices are not available on the page through normal means and you need to use our Scraping Service instead which uses PhantomJS to mimic a browser.
  5. Sometimes if no prices are returned at all it can be down to the server configuration. Check your PHP config on your server for the option ‘allow_url_fopen’. If this option is set to ‘Off’ then you must change it to have the value ‘On’ and then restart your chosen webserver for it to take effect. Check again with phpinfo(); that the value has changed and then try reload your product pages.

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